Principal's Corner

July 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

The summer of 2018 has been a busy one.  Hosting ESY summer school at LDE is always a true joy for those of us that are with them during the summer months.  This is a building filled with angels and each year I am reminded of the joy of innocence and the beauty of those that protect and promote that innocence!!  However, ESY will soon come to and end and the summer cleaning frenzie will begin. Taking pride in the cleanliness of our school is always a priority of our custodial staff.  They want “their house” to be spotless for the soon-to-be “guests” arriving in August!!! Sparkling floors, organized classrooms and great smelling bathrooms (yes, I said GREAT SMELLING BATHROOMS) is a badge of honor for our custodial staff.  

In looking forward, I always find a way to reflect back as well.  It is hard to believe that this will be my 18th school year as Principal here at LDE, and my 25th year in the district.  The time goes by in a blink! I think back to so many changes! I remember when we put memo’s in teacher’s mailboxes before we could email each other.  I remember the purple ditto machines before we had copiers. I remember chalk and chalkboards, before we had white boards. I remember floppy disk computers before we had chromebooks.  Each of those changes, at the time, seemed very forward thinking and was met with some anxiety, but absolutely helped to make our job of educating children better. As we look at what lies ahead of us today, I am sure there will be some changes that will be met with some anxiety but in the long run will also continue to make our job of educating children better.  

I couldn’t take a walk down memory lane without touching on the ever changing needs of families.  I remember room parties with almost as many room parents as students. I remember scrambling to find things for parent volunteers to do, we had so many!  I remember when EVERYONE rode the bus. As a sign of the changing times, these things are no longer the norm. Our families are filled with parents/caregivers working outside the home and simply not being able to commit to being a room parent.  This describes my own family. Our volunteers do the best they can to assist when they can. This isn’t for lack of interest or care, it is simply the way things are. Parents are already out and on their way to work, so dropping off at school seems to work into the schedule much easier than waiting for the bus these days.  I mention these things not as something to be emotional about but a description of the changes that have taken place over the past 25 years and to provoke some thought as to what changes we might predict as we move into the next 25 years.

The “business” of education has changed dramatically and often times has become political, however, the beauty of actually educating children is quite the same as it’s always been...  

LOVE every child that walks through your door each and every day.  

SERVE every family, staff member and your community as you hope to be


CARE for each other in a way that everyone knows they are cared for by


So in reflecting back and looking forward, it makes me hopeful, excited and confident that some things change and some things stay the same. Providing the best possible education for your child remains our focus.  The path we take to get there may be a new and different path, but the end result is a successful, responsible citizen!

I speak for the staff at LDE in welcoming you to the 2018-19 school year.  We can’t wait to explore the path as partners and look forward to making wonderful memories together!!


Luann Domek